Advanced Management Program from CUES, Cornell University Gives Emerging Leaders a Look Into the C-Suite

MADISON, Wis.— CUES Advanced Management Program from Cornell University is returning this summer, offering emerging leaders the opportunity to explore eight c-suite positions in-depth. Attendees can also earn the prestigious Certified Credit Union Executive Manager (CEM) designation and an Executive Certificate in Management and Leadership from Cornell University and CUES. The nine-month course runs from July 11, 2023 through April 12, 2024.   

“This program not only offers future leaders access to Ivy League-level education without travel or time out of the office, it also gives credit unions a way to fill their leadership pipelines,” said Christopher Stevenson, CAE, CIE, CUES SVP/Chief Learning Officer. “The deep insights attendees leave with offer an understanding of the challenges those in the c-suite face, and how these leaders think about solving those challenges. Students also learn how to connect their day-to-day role with the purpose of their credit union, so they’ll be ready for advancement when opportunities arise.” 

The program pairs eCornell’s award-winning certificate programs with live-taught online classes, developed and led by Cornell University faculty. All content comes from top-rated programs with proven curricula specifically developed for the credit union industry.
The curriculum covers:  

  • The CEO Mindset: Learn about the CEO’s way of thinking, including a look into developing and communicating vision and strategy. 
  • The CFO Mindset: Explore financial statements and learn how to connect the numbers to strategy and performance. 
  • The COO Mindset: Learn about operations analysis.  
  • The CMO Mindset: A look at your credit union’s brand purpose and digital marketing. 
  • The CIO Mindset: Prepare for digital transformations and learn how using data and technology can enhance member engagement. 
  • The CCO Mindset: Embrace basic contract principles and guidelines. 
  • The CRO Mindset: Explore ways to identify and evaluate risk, learn to build constructive partnerships, and discover how to influence without direct authority. 
  • The CHRO Mindset: Motivate people for high performance and lead high performance teams. 

Watch the CUES Advanced Management Program Informational Webinar playback to hear firsthand experiences from attendees, and learn more about how this 9-month program enhanced their day-to-day work and contributions to their credit union. 

You can also sign up to get notified of our upcoming webinar outlining the program, happening in April. 

In addition to the Advanced Management course, the CUES Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Cornell Certificate Program starts March 15. There’s still time to enroll in this two-month course which will help your credit union create a truly aware and inclusive work culture. 

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