Become an Employer of Choice: Participate in CUES Surveys, Benefit from the Results

MADISON, Wis.—CUES® is asking credit unions across the United States to participate in two important industry surveys: CUES Executive Compensation Survey and CUES Employee Salary Survey. Both are open for participation now through March 31.

By participating, credit unions provide key data points in understanding current compensation trends. Credit unions that access the results are able to offer highly competitive compensation packages, thereby attracting and retaining the best talent available and becoming an employer of choice. 

“In today’s tight labor market, knowing—and not just speculating about—current compensation is vital,” said Sharon Messmore, products & services manager, CUES. “We’ve also gathered important information across the years. For example, CUES Surveys have helped us understand ways the pandemic has affected compensation in our industry. This year, we may be able to see how—or if—the Great Resignation has affected employment trends.”  

CUES Executive Compensation Survey includes information on 21 executive positions and features questions related to wage, bonus, and benefits information for each. 

CUES Employee Salary Survey includes information on a wide range of non-executive positions and focuses on pay range and actual wages currently paid for each position.  

Those who have previously participated can simply update their existing information and click the submit button.   

“We also offer a handy CUES Survey participation spreadsheet; participants can complete it on their own timeline, and our team will handle data entry for them,” said Sharon. 

Visit and to complete the surveys and to see a list of frequently asked questions and step-by-step guides.  

Credit unions who participate receive a 20% discount when they purchase the survey results, and CUES Unlimited+ members can access the survey results for free. 

For more information, contact CUES Survey Support at 866.508.0744, or email  

Become a CUES Unlimited+ member to get free access to the results. Learn more about CUES at

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