Case Study Highlighting CUESolutions Provider Success Released

MADISON, Wis.— CUES is pleased announce the availability of its newest case study, CUESolutions: Building Business Through a High-Profile Platform. In this free download, suppliers will hear directly from CUESolutions provider DDJ Myers Ltd., as they discuss their success and measurable growth after becoming a CUESolutions partner.

“CUESolutions providers are companies CUES has identified as industry experts and have partnered with to showcase their thought leadership to our membership.” said Karin Sand, CIE, VP/Strategic Partnerships & Solutions, “Since joining CUESolutions, DDJ Myers has seen impressive business results, achieving their five-year revenue goal in just three years. Through our high-profile platform, we have helped them forge strong connections in the credit union industry. This case study highlights their success and showcases the lucrative opportunities CUESolutions provides.”

DDJ Myers’ success is not uncommon. They, as well as other trusted industry leaders, partner with CUES through CUESolutions to showcase their expertise and help credit unions connect with their products, services, articles, podcasts, webinars and white papers through online channels, and other live and remote events. CUESolutions puts credit union industry suppliers in front of decision makers who have significant influence over budgeting and purchase decisions.

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