CUES Announces New Offering—TalentED to Provide Talent Development Solutions to Nonprofits 

MADISON, Wis.—CUES is expanding its talent development offerings into the nonprofit sector through TalentED, the industry leader announced at its annual Symposium conference. This new offering, pronounced ‘Talent-Ed’, will work with nonprofits to develop the leadership potential of their executive teams, board members, and staff. 

“At a CUES event a few years back, CUES was approached and asked to hold a special Governance Leadership Institute for a nonprofit organization in Canada. We did so, with great success, and it made us realize two things,” said John Pembroke, CUES President/CEO. “One--nonprofits sorely need access to talent development; and two, CUES already has many of these resources readily available. That was the beginning of the TalentED initiative.” 

“According to recent studies, talent development is an important differentiator in attracting and retaining top performers in the nonprofit sector, just as it is for credit unions,” said Tony Covington, TalentED’s VP/Business Development. “70% of nonprofit employees value professional development opportunities—yet 43% feel their career development needs aren't being met.” 

TalentED offers the following to the nonprofit sector: 

“Great partnerships—like what we have with our credit union partners, are important. No one can change the world on their own,” said Covington. “We’re excited for credit unions to learn more about TalentED, and discover how TalentED can help them help the nonprofits they are passionate about.” 

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TalentED, powered by CUES, works with nonprofits to develop the leadership potential of their executive teams, board members, and staff. Nonprofits help people, we help them fulfill that mission by providing premier executive education and leadership development to create a more sustainable organization with lasting impact.

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