The senseless killing of George Floyd, which led to the current social unrest, peaceful protests, and calls for change around the globe, was merely the most recent case of racial injustice, and the latest catalyst in a long history of social bias and systemic racism that has plagued humanity.

CUES stands with those who stand for change. To that end, CUES is making a commitment to help the industry take on the uncomfortable conversations that must happen to truly address the problems of racism and bias humanity faces. 

This is a pivotal moment. We will be part of the solution, to keep these issues in the forefront, and overcome them. After all, CUES exists to support and strengthen the credit union industry and help improve the lives of those in the communities they serve.

These may merely be words, but we never forget these words represent people—real people facing real challenges. 


Here’s What We’re Doing Now
We’ve long offered resources on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI). As such, we’ve created a resource page hosting many tools to help credit union leaders guide their institutions to a better tomorrow. 

These include CUES Elite Access Virtual Classroom courses that are now open to everyone in the industry regardless of membership status.


And In The Future 
CUES commits to making investments in DEI, continuing to build on our resources. Expect more from us in the future, including diversity assessments, and development and educational tools for both individuals and organizations.


With COVID-19 as an ongoing issue causing a health and economic crisis, followed by the protests and calls for change and action, we know credit unions and the support they offer their communities are more important than ever before. 

We’re here to stand by the movement, and make these changes a reality in a very tangible way. 

Together, we are stronger, and our combined power is limitless. 

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