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CUES Learning Portal, powered by Degreed, is designed to provide CUES members with access to curated content to support skill development of individuals at all levels within the credit union. Engage with others in groups, develop skills on a specific topic using the pathways, recommend content to others or save learning to curate your own development list. Get the most out of the platform by checking out links below to learn more about the many features within CUES Learning Portal.

*Once you are logged into access through the "Key Benefits" section of your myCUES Dashboard.

As CUES Learning Portal adjusts to create a better user experience for members, you may notice some differences between the layout in the supportive documents and the live site. We will work to keep the documents as up to date as possible. All documents below will link to CUESNet, one of your CUES member benefits.

Experience CUES Learning Portal

CUES Learning Portal Overview provides full overview of CUES Learning Portal site and features


Member Features

Access Your CUES Learning Portal page and identify some quick tips to begin leveraging this resource. Need help? Follow along with this video guide.

To experience all of the features available within CUES Learning Portal walk through the CUES Learning Portal New User Checklist 


Personalized content/learning items chosen for you each day
Similar to other social media sites, CUES Learning Portal provides you with a personalized feed based on your identified topics and skills, content completed by your connections, and content you’ve completed or saved for later.


Personalized page to manage and track your learning. 
The collection allows you to easily access any previously completed content. Update or rate your skills. Access the pathways you’re following or creating. Access groups and review your Insights (learning summary).


Collection of curated learning content focused on a topic. You can follow a pathway or share it with others. 
A few of the many pathway topics include: Emotional Intelligence to Agile Leadership to Networking Skills, Trust, Communication, Adaptability, Leadership Development, Strategy, Cybersecurity, Board Member Resources, Change and more. Need help? Follow along with this video guide or PDF version.

Access a Harvard ManageMentor course within CUES Learning Portal. Watch or share this brief video to learn more. 

Access a Director Education Center Course or Pathway.

Utilize Pathway Deep Links.

Access a Shared Pathway.

Follow Others

Connect with other CUES members outside of your credit union.
Follow others to have their completed learnings appear in your feed to receive content recommendations.

Add to Profile

Add a completed learning (degree, course, experience, etc.) to your profile


Earn points by completing content to support your own development.
Using the duration of an educational experience and the quality of the source, points are awarded to demonstrate work you’ve done to develop yourself.

  • Skills Identify topics and skills to build your feed with content of interest and use to track your development progress within a specific skillset or topic


Access CUES Learning Portal on the go using a special login with the Degreed App whether for your iOS or Android device


CUES Membership Admin Features 

Pull Reports

Pull and access reports for your credit union to upload to your LMS, understand what content has been completed within the portal. Need help? Follow a long with this video guide.

Please Note: The CUES Learning Portal platform, powered by Degreed, allows you to pull reports with data for your credit union board content/course completions for the last 93 days. CUES recommends setting reminders to pull your credit union group reports for your credit union quarterly. This will provide you with access to the data for reviews any time of the year. You can use these directions to pull and access your downloadable reports.