Board Governance Assessment

Assessment Only


Nonmember $2,795.00
CUES Member $1,995.00
Director Member $1,995.00
Assessment and Summary


Nonmember $5,495.00
CUES Member $3,495.00
Director Member $3,495.00

CCUBE Members - The “Assessment Only” option is included with your membership and the “Assessment and Summary” option is available at a discount. To receive your free membership benefit and special pricing you must contact CUES at 800.252.2664 ext.332 or

Quickly and concisely gather honest feedback from all board members on key areas of governance, including:

  • Mission, vision and purpose
  • Board structure and composition
  • Fiduciary oversight
  • Governance and leadership culture
  • The supervisory committee

Results from this anonymous, online assessment tool will help your board build an agenda of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for it to prioritize and address.

How it Works

Each board member will receive an email including instructions and a link to a credit union-specific, confidential questionnaire developed by governance experts encouraging candid feedback.

Then, the board can choose to access and explore its results in one of three ways:

  1. Survey-Only Assessment: The board completes the online assessment and receives the results for analysis. (Pricing in top box.)
  2. Survey Assessment and Executive Summary Report: The board completes the online assessment, and CUES’s strategic partner, Quantum Governance, L3C, will review the results and provide an executive summary report. (Pricing in bottom box.)
  3. Full Governance Assessment: The most in-depth option, this assessment employs a minimum of three methodologies, including the above survey, a document review and interviews with key leaders. Focus groups, board meeting observation and constituent surveys, are often used as well. Deliverables for this options include a comprehensive report; , facilitated, on-site retreat;  best practice training; and the development of a governance action plan tailored to your CU. (Contact CUES for a quote.)

What Assessment is Right for Your Credit Union?

Based on Quantum Governance’s research, credit unions participating in a survey-only assessment, compared to a full governance assessment, tend to have more positive scores in many of the areas assessed. While the exact reasons for this more positive viewpoint are unknown, it is a finding of genuine concern. A skewed -- overly positive – viewpoint could cause corrective actions not to be taken, when in fact, it may be prudent.

As such, Quantum Governance recommends the following guidelines in determining which assessment level may be best for your credit union:

  • Assets of $500 million and less:  The survey-only assessment may suffice, but if your CU has undergone a period of rapid growth or change, (especially in staff or board leadership, or if you are interested in taking your governance program to the next level, a full governance assessment is best.
  • Assets of $500 million to $750 million: At a minimum the survey-only assessment plus interviews with the board chair and CEO is recommended. Given the greater complexity of your CU, the ability to further understand the issues you’re facing will be important in order to place your results into greater context.
  • Assets of $750 million and up: A full governance assessment is recommended. Given the research referenced above and your CU’s immense size and complexity, a full assessment is imperative.

How Often Should We Assess Our Credit Union?

For CUs conducting full governance assessments, Quantum Governance recommends a re-assessment within approximately one year to test for progress, and then at two-year increments thereafter. The progress reviews may involve survey-only assessments or a combination of assessments and interviews, depending on priorities. Watch this webinar for more on When and How to Assess Your Credit Union's Board of Directors

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