Advance Management of Your Lending Economic Engine

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Thursday, August 23, 2018

Presenter: Rob Johnson, executive vice president/principal, c. myers

Description: Lending is the primary economic engine for most credit unions. As with any economic engine, lending does not come without risks. Sector risk, interest rate risk, credit risk, and liquidity risk, just to name of few, are all intermingled. Layering on consumer preferences and competition, changing in what feels like a blink of an eye, significantly ups the ante to advance the management of the lending economic engine.  

This course focuses on how to evolve understanding and communication of these risks so that decision-makers can be more forward-thinking and agile in managing their lending economic engine.

Who should attend:  CFOs and other C-Suite

Key Takeaways:

  • Risks do not exist in silos. It is necessary for decision-makers to prioritize their risk concerns to better manage risks and opportunities
  • Learn new ways to communicate, in advance, how the profitability profile and risks can change so that decision-makers can be better armed with strategic options as the world around them changes
  • Using data most credit unions already have available, see easy ways to uncover lending opportunities

About the Presenter:

Rob Johnson, EVP c. myersRob Johnson
Executive Vice President/Principal
c. myers

Rob, one of five c. myers owners, has a reputation for deep, original thinking on asset/liability management and every conceivable modeling methodology, as well as analysis of investments, liquidity, aggregate risk, concentration risk, and other related topics. He has helped credit unions of all sizes tackle some of their toughest challenges, such as rebuilding capital and navigating safely and soundly with the smallest of margins.

Over the years, Rob has spoken at conferences hosted by CUNA, NASCUS, AICPA, as well as the National Directors Conference. Whether in front of an audience of dozens or over a thousand, he relishes taking complex, dry subjects and turning the material into a presentation that people actually enjoy.

Within c. myers, Rob spearheaded the development efforts of our proprietary software. He also oversees a team that conducts model validations on a regular basis and works closely with consultants and analysts, making sure c. myers remains a learning organization.

ICM Food & Clothing Bank, a local food and clothing bank for the working poor, benefits from Rob’s competitive spirit during donation drives, as Rob believes each drive should be more successful than the last. In his free time, Rob and his family love spending time at their mountain cabin where they enjoy their horses, 4x4s, paintball guns, and skiing in the winter.


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