Boosting Onboarding & Engagement Strategies Using Your Own Member Data

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How long does it take to cultivate member loyalty? The truth is, the process begins as soon a member joins your credit union. Implementing an effective, seamless, and automated “Member Onboarding Engine” is key to creating long-time loyal members. But the traditional credit union approach is fragmented and full of missed opportunities. 

As CUs continue to embrace digitization, there are new ways to capture and analyze all aspects of the member life cycle. Credit unions can realize the full potential of effective onboarding with a program that is built on member data, structured, tracked and analyzed. Data-driven strategies are the secret weapon for onboarding and engagement programs that are relevant, targeted, and highly successful.

Key Takeaways:

  • During the webinar, you’ll learn: 
  • Why is onboarding important? 
  • Pre-requisites to start onboarding
  • Building a central onboarding engine
  • The five potential pitfalls while revamping your onboarding process
  • The onboarding process and its operationalization
  • When, what and how to communicate
  • Onboarding optimizer and benefits 
  • Real-world examples
  • Best practices
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About the Presenter:

Karan Bhalla
CU Rise Analytics

Karan brings with him nearly two decades of financial services and data analytics experience. After having worked and consulted at multiple leading corporations such as Capital One, AmEx, BT and Fannie Mae; for the last seven years, Karan has shifted his focus towards helping mid-sized and small financial institutions that urgently need to leverage data science to compete with their much larger competitors. He has deep subject matter expertise and has spoken at many occasions including Culytics, Co-op’s Summit, Predictive Analytics World, Western Independent Bankers, NWCUA, CCUL’s Reach, to name a few. 

Prior to CU Rise, Karan was the Managing Director at IQR (now EXL) where he was instrumental in leading their teams, expand their expertise and building businesses in numerous market segments. He is a MIS and Accounting graduate and has an MBA in Finance from the University of Maryland.