Cognitive Collaboration: The Perfect Way to Blend Artificial Intelligence & Humans to Serve Members

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Original Air Date:
Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Presenter: Sundeep Kapur, Educator, Digital Credence

Description:  Meet Chris, Employee I.D. 5703. Chris serves consumers 24/7, every single day. Chris answers questions, resolves problems, assists with transactions, provides advice, and is even sought out for a keen sense of humor. Chris’ attentiveness is what consumers and the financial institution (FI) appreciate most. Chris is also a diligent, empathetic chatbot that continues to learn from every transaction. 

Remember, as consumers we have five key senses. Technology not only leverages these five senses, but through systematic learning Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven machines like Chris, they are able to even add empathy connecting to our sixth sense. 

AI is helping deliver innovation in financial services with seven keen areas of focus: 

  1. Perfecting Service: Recognizing and treating people well 
  2. Circumventing Fraud: Protecting people - information, transactions, and data 
  3. Precise Offers: Serving the consumers what they need, when they need it 
  4. Optimizing Risk: Dynamic models to balance between success and failure 
  5. Regulatory Compliance: To ensure that you are doing what you are required to 
  6. Intuitive Research: Having anytime, easy access to information
  7. Empathetic Employees: Allowing employees the time to listen, connect, and serve 

Secure, superfast, personalized transactions are possible and expected by consumers. They are beginning to expect better services because innovation being driven by everyday transactions in other industries. From personal smart phones, to home devices, to the IOT, AI is very pervasive. 

What should we be doing to implement AI successful within our organizations? How do we separate the hype from pragmatism? What is the ideal approach?

Join us for an inspiring session about what to expect in the future. We will cover innovative experiences from other industries and their impact on financial services. We will take you into innovation labs, introduce you to results from future-focus groups, provide insight on artificial intelligence - incredibly useful research that you can leverage as you define your own strategy.

Key Takeaways:

Sundeep Kapur will discuss key factors that will help financial institutions understand and implement AI initiatives productively. 
He will discuss: 

  • Consumer expectations which are being shaped by technology, other industries, and “fiction” 
  • Review areas of focus at financial institutions – where would AI serve us best
  • Ideas on how create a long-term roadmap to hire, train, and nurture “bots” to do more 

About the Presenter

Sundeep Kapur
Digital Credence

Sundeep Kapur is an educator with Digital Credence. After 25 years in corporate America as a business and technology consultant for financial institutions, Sundeep returned to his passion – teaching brands best practices so they can achieve the same success. 

His specialty lies in consumer engagement across multiple channels. A financial institution can be successful if it can engage the consumer with relevant messages across channel. “Keep it relevant, keep them engaged, and you will nurture your way to be the primary financial institution.

Sundeep’s research focuses on seven critical elements for a financial institution to be successful in 2025:

  1. Transformed OMNI-Channel Experiences
  2. Redefined Future Payments
  3. Digital: Integrated & Responsive
  4. Security: Authentication, Transactions, Information
  5. Smarter Employees & Channels
  6. Big Data, AI, Machine Intelligence, Decision Science, & the Cognitive Cloud
  7. Banking Delivered in Your Pocket
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