To Compete Successfully, Minimize the Customer Experience Gap

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Wednesday, February 28, 2018
1:00 p.m. Central Time

Presenters: Greg Crandell, partner, Query Consulting Group LLC; Kirk Wright, partner, Query Consulting Group LLC

Description:  Big banks with deep pockets and high brand recognition, along with disruptors, are creating revolutionary new models for financial services, raising your members’ service expectations, and threatening your relationship with your members. Members are demanding an integrated experience that matches or exceeds the service they’re getting from non-financial businesses, and from old line players with "new games." Closing the gap between your members’ expectations and their experiences with you is more important than ever. Discover why closing the customer experience gap is essential to success; and see where we are, how we got here, and what we can do about it.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understand the Customer Experience (CX) challenge and arm yourself to promote the initiative in your CU
  • How CX initiatives impact your members' experience with your CU and how they can increase satisfaction, retention and growth, and brand success
  • Discover the “what, why and how" you must address both cultural and organizational change to win at the CX game

About the Presenters:

Greg Crandell
Query Consulting Group LLC

Greg provides strategy, product and customer experience consulting services to financial technology firms and credit unions. For more years than he wishes to admit, Greg has worked to create and deliver both products and services to credit unions and their vendors. Among other efforts, he led the development and launch of online banking products, one of the first web-based debit products, and several digital marketing and document storage/delivery services. Prior to building and launching products for credit union use, Greg worked in credit unions and association management. Early in his career, he taught high school and university students.

Kirk Wright
Query Consulting Group

Kirk helps managers develop strategy and actionable plans in marketing, product, and customer experience management. Building on years of experience in consumer banking, Kirk made a mid-career change to a technology company. As a senior manager in financial institutions, he was developing products as well as the plans to take them to market. As a technology executive, he continued that work leading the delivery of innovative solutions to many bank and credit union clients. Kirk led one firm from start-up to IPO, and beyond. Working in financial technology Kirk developed a taste for the innovation and energy of start-up companies where he has focused his consulting work over the past decade.


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