CUES Virtual Classroom: Effective Process Improvement: Starting Off on the Right Foot

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Session 1: Process Improvement: Dos and Don'ts of Articulating Objectives
Session 2: Process Improvement: Effectively Defining and Communicating What's in Scope and Out of Scope

Presenters: Rob Johnson, Executive Vice President/Principal, c. myers; Charlene Leland, Vice President, c. myers


Continuous process improvement should not be a buzz phrase. It should be a way of life. To make it a habit, it is necessary for all stakeholders to clearly understand the end goal.

Session 1 is designed to help participants learn how to clearly think through an effective objective statement, which includes proven dos and don'ts. Once an effective objective statement is agreed upon, stakeholders need to be deliberate in articulating what is in scope, and out of scope so that the endeavor does not grow unintended tentacles.

Session 2 will dive into how to facilitate a productive process for determining what's in scope and out of scope.

Who should attend: Lending, Operations, IT, CFOs, and project managers


Via a c. myers' survey, participants should provide up to three objective statements for process improvement endeavors they (the participant) have experienced. Rate, on a scale of 0-10, how effective they believe the statement was and why. Results will be used throughout the session to expand learning.

About the Presenters:

Rob Johnson
Executive Vice President/Principal
c. myers

Rob, is one of five c. myers owners, has a reputation for deep, original thinking on asset/liability management and every conceivable modeling methodology, as well as analysis of investments, liquidity, aggregate risk, concentration risk, and other related topics.

While Rob is a familiar face to the managements and boards of many of the largest credit unions, he has helped credit unions of all sizes tackle some of their toughest challenges, such as rebuilding capital and navigating safely and soundly with the smallest of margins. He has become quite familiar to many leaders in the regulatory world, both as an educator and a thought leader.
Rob is a sought-after industry speaker. Over the years, he has spoken at conferences hosted by CUNA, NASCUS, AICPA, as well as the National Directors Conference. Whether in front of an audience of dozens or over a thousand, Rob relishes taking complex, dry subjects and turning the material into a presentation that people actually enjoy.

Within c. myers, Rob spearheaded the development efforts of our proprietary software, including the Interactive Decision Model, Interactive A/L Budget Model, and Liquidity Analysis. Rob also oversees our team that conducts model validations on a regular basis. He works closely with all of our consultants and analysts, making sure c. myers remains a learning organization for the benefit of our clients.

ICM Food & Clothing Bank, a local food and clothing bank for the working poor, benefits from Rob’s competitive spirit during donation drives, as Rob believes each drive should be more successful than the last. In his free time, Rob and his family love spending time at their mountain cabin where they enjoy their horses, 4x4s, paintball guns, and skiing in the winter.

Charlene Leland
Vice President
c. myers

Since joining c. myers in 2004, Charlene has become one of the most diverse facilitators within the industry, especially with regard to helping credit unions of all sizes address three necessary business objectives: relevancy, differentiation, and sustainability.

Over the years, she has honed her skills by facilitating various types of sessions, including process improvement, project management, strategic planning, and short- and long-term financial planning. During the Great Recession, she assisted credit unions in building capital restoration plans.

Within c. myers, Charlene has mentored more than 20 employees in her many areas of expertise. She also manages major projects including both the development of new services and the revamping of existing services. She was a key designer of the c. myers Interactive Loan Production Analyzer, which track the success of process changes by turning data into easily understandable and actionable decision information.

Charlene is a frequent blood donor, racking up more than 55 donations. Charlene also volunteers with ICM Food & Clothing Bank and regularly collects donations for the charity from a wide circle of friends, relatives, and acquaintances. Charlene enjoys the outdoors and is an avid hiker and road cyclist.

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Session 1

Dos and Don'ts of Articulating Objectives

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Session 2

Effectively Defining and Communicating What's in Scope and Out of Scope

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