RealTalk Session 2: Dear CU Leaders: We’re here, but not for long.

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RealTalk Session 2: Dear CU Leaders: We’re here, but not for long. 

Managing Your Career Amid Executive Indifference 


Rachel Guyselman, SVP Risk & Compliance, Credit Union 1

Wednesday, August 16

Credit unions are full of emerging leaders and young professionals who are excited about the industry and believe in what it stands for. Despite this, the future of the movement may very well be on the line—due to executive indifference. 

The shrinking number of credit unions combined with senior-level leaders who are on the brink of burnout and unwilling or unable to build the next generation up concerned Rachel Guyselman enough that she recently penned two open letters to the industry–Dear Fellow CU Leaders: Why There's So Much Uncertainty in This Profession and Dear CU Leaders: A Letter From the Future of the Movement. 

In them, Rachel points out that many of the industry’s emerging leaders are experiencing indifference, distance, and perhaps even worse—an unwillingness to change and unwillingness to listen—from their CEOs, executive leaders, and even their boards.  

Why the indifference and reluctance to change? Why are we seeing so many CEOs simply awaiting their retirement, when the credit union will likely merge due to the aforementioned indifference? And what can you do about it, to save not only your career—but also the movement?  

Don’t miss this important discussion; whether you’re an emerging leader, young professional, or a seasoned executive, you’ll walk away with great tips and ideas on ways to approach these difficult conversations that will lead to greatness.




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