Unexpected Executive Departure: Be Prepared

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Original Air Date: Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Description: Make it harder for the competition to hire away your top executives by customizing compensation packages to their individual needs. Learn how credit unions use non-qualified deferred comp (NQDC) as an incentive to keep leadership in place. Hear what pitfalls to avoid in the development of NQDC plans, and what you need to take into consideration as you strive to build the perfect plan for retaining the execs you need to meet your CU’s strategic goals.

Discover how you can invest in funding options such as business-owned life insurance, annuities, and even stocks and bonds to help fund NQDC plans. And learn how changes in accounting methods required by FASB need to be taken into consideration when funding these plans.


Peter Sullivan
Sr. Executive Benefits Specialist
CUNA Mutual Group

Peter Sullivan is a Senior Executive Benefits Specialist for CUESolutions Platinum provider CUNA Mutual Group, Madison, WI.

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