Webinar: The "Business" of Business Lending: Expert Insights for 2024

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The "Business" of Business Lending: Expert Insights for 2024

A strong business lending program can make or break your credit union. Is yours on borrowed time? 

Join us to hear lending experts Jim Devine and Bob Hogan of Hipereon, Inc. share insights on the current landscape of business lending. They'll discuss ongoing challenges, such as interest rate fluctuations and collateral valuation, and share: 

  • Tips & strategies for navigating (and overcoming) those issues 
  • The importance of comprehending business models and unique cash flow challenges 
  • How CUs can build plans that address existing loan portfolio issues and enhance their value proposition for small business owners 

Whether you're looking to reprice existing loans, pursue new commercial and industrial loans, or just get a firmer grasp on the current economic environment, this free session is for you! Save your spot today to start strengthening your credit union's lending capabilities. 

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