Worth the switch? Board portal reassess

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Original Air Date: Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Presenters: Kirstin Skinner, Customer Success Manager, Aprio; Dee Sicklesteel, Sales Manager, Aprio

Description: Many credit unions use board portal technology or in-house systems to provide directors with easy online access to board information. In theory, these systems are meant to make board communication simpler and secure, make board meetings more productive with easier setup and tools for directors to prepare. In reality, not all technology is created equal, nor is the support and service that goes along. Join this webinar to gain insight from experienced board administrators on how to assess if the board portal you are using fits your needs, and if needed, how to oversee a smooth switch.

Key Takeaways:

We will discuss:

  • 5-point assessment of your board key needs
  • What to compare - director communication/meeting set up/security/onboarding
  • Myth busting - security/pricing/ease of adoption
  • Practical steps to reassess and switch if needed

About the Presenters:

Kirstin Skinner
Customer Success Manager

Prior to joining Aprio, Kirstin was an Executive Assistant and Board Secretary for Your Neighbourhood Credit Union where she learned firsthand how essential technology is to efficiently running board meetings and keeping board communication on track. Today, she draws on that experience to understand and support the unique needs of Aprio’s many credit union clients. After 20 years working as an administrative professional in the financial services and non-profit sectors, Kirstin enjoys making the lives of other board administrators easier with the Aprio board portal.


Dee Sicklesteel
Sales Manager

Dee joined Aprio in 2009, drawn in by the opportunity to reduce the cost of administration for board teams, save people time and stress, and have an impact on sustainability by helping boards to go paperless. In almost a decade, Dee has supported hundreds of organizations in building a business case to adopt board portal technology, and assess or reassess which board portal serves their changing needs.


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