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Charlene Leland





NCUA regulation calls for directors to be financially knowledgeable. In this video "In What Key Areas Should Board Members Be Financially Savvy?", Charlene Leland of c myers answers that key question.

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Solving the CU Director Entrenchment Challenge
9 steps you can take

Video: What Could Trigger the Next Recession?
Economist and policy expert Anirban Basu, who will speak at Directors Conference in December, shares his insights and gives advice on what to watch for and how credit unions can prepare for the inevitable recession now.

Eight Best Practices for Better Enterprise Risk Management
Robust software can be an excellent tool to ensure your board is overseeing an excellent program when it helps your CU follow these eight best practices for establishing governance with risk management.

How Finding and Closing the Gaps in Your Board Drives Director Engagement
Taking a progressive approach to governance and choosing solid technology can help you achieve your goals.

Video: Short- and Intermediate-Term Liquidity Warning Signs  
Rob Johnson of c myers corp. suggests looking at your short-term investments, loan-to-share ratio, and deposit and loan growth.

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