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Featured Expert

Ancin Cooley  

In this video "Supervisory Committees Don’t ‘Graduate’ to Being Boards", Ancin Cooley explains that supervisory committee members don’t “graduate” into being board members. President of Synergy Consulting, Cooley will present Supervisory Committee Development Seminar in July in Monterey, California.

What's New

Video: CEO Succession Planning, Board Chair Responsibilities
How can a credit union board and chair successfully facilitate a CEO succession plan? Join Yvonne Evers as she details what steps should be taken to make a smooth CEO transition strategy.

Science-Based Interventions to Build Psychological Safety in The Board Room
A study of surgery teams shows high performance prevails when people feel they can dissent.

Why You Need Diversity in the Boardroom
Numerous studies show that high-functioning boards include independent directors with varied backgrounds and expertise.

Video: Key Initiatives Driving Change Outside of Credit Unions
What trends are driving today’s consumers and credit union members? Listen as Sundeep Kapur of Digital Credence outlines what members expect from their financial institutions and how credit unions can continue to attract deposits.

Understanding AI Can Help You Drive Strategy
To help you guide your credit union successfully through this changing tech landscape, be sure to know the technology—and a couple of trusted experts.

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