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Influence public policy affecting credit unions.





Bob Kessig
Bob Kressig, Director; Veridian Credit Union

It’s key for the board to create a relationship with state and local government. Learn more from a credit union director who also serves as a state representative.

Published Information

How CUs can alleviate the burden of CFPB amid judicial and legislative uncertainty

Advocacy helps protect members and their money; helps CUs offer them needed products and services; and helps simplify the process of offering financial services.

Chairman of SchoolsFirst FCU describes his start in CU advocacy and offers suggestions for supporting the movement in the future.

Director Education Center

Introduction to Advocacy

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the advantages of applying time and resources to credit union advocacy efforts.
  • Identify elected officials and determine how to best increase their awareness of the credit union movement.  
  • Describe the process of strategically developing politically influential relationships with lawmakers.
  • Identify the steps involved in preparing to meet with an elected official.