Welcome to the New cues.org


Things sure look different around CUES today! We love it, and think you will, too.

This is no longer your grandfather's credit union association, but a new and improved CUES. From our revamped membership structure and benefits, to our new content website, CUmanagement.com, to the new cues.org. We are structuring our organization to guide you and the industry into the future, centering around helping you:


Advance Your Career. Better Your Credit Union. Improve the Financial Lives of Your Members.


Change is good. But sometimes change can be disorienting, so we want to both re-orient and welcome you to our new website!

In addition to an updated look and more user-friendly navigation, you’ll find intuitive search features to help you find topics of interest, offerings suited to your job role, and the ability to search events by location and date.

All in all, you’ll discover it’s easier than ever to find the tools you need to reach your goals and meet your career aspirations.

We'd love to hear what you think of the new cues.org. Email us your feedback at cues@cues.org.