Execu/Net™ 2020

“Business as usual” stops at Execu/Net™. Increase your value to your credit union when you attend this one-of-a-kind conference. It gives you the opportunity to reflect on your credit union’s goals and direction in a setting that’s uniquely suited to high-level thinking.

Our 2020 topics are

  • Leading with Ethical Intelligence: Five Principles for Successful Credit Union Leadership 
  • Cultivating Next Gen Board Leaders
  • Strengthening Your Board Governance
  • Amplify Your Impact by Mastering the Art of Powerful Communication 

After the conference wraps each day, the afternoon is yours to take in the spectacular views. You’ll have ample time to hike, fish, bike, golf, horseback ride, or just relax and enjoy the scenery.

Prices increase $400 after July 16, 2020, but don’t wait to make your plans to attend Execu/Net! This is a highly popular locale and spots are sure to go fast.  

What is the Benefit of the Unique Schedule?

We all know taking breaks, exercising, and connecting with nature can aid learning and retention. Unfortunately for many of us, getting away—even for a few minutes—is easier said than done.    

Enter CUES Execu/Net, with a schedule ready-built to aid learning and help you take your organization from where it is now to where you want it to be:

  • You’ll spend time in high-level, interactive workshops with lively discussions and group problem-solving to provide a fresh perspective.
  • You’ll have ample time for reflection and exploration amidst some of the country’s most beautiful vistas, so you can imagine the possibilities for integrating what you’ve learned into your credit union’s plans when you return home.
  • Plus, you’ll enjoy extensive peer networking throughout your time; share ideas with fellow CU leaders as you foster new—and deepen existing—relationships.

Learn More

  • 13.5

    2019 CUES Execu/Net attendees spent 13.5 hours learning with their peers.

  • 5.5

    Attendees spent 5.5 hours of scheduled networking during last year's seminar.

Why Attend?

You will:

  • Tackle new, high-level topics daily with content focusing on on-the-rise strategic issues, and sessions diving deep into the subjects in a workshop environment.
  • Experience personal relationship growth during the planned networking times. CUES’ intimate learning environment lends itself to open discussion, but the group problem-solving sets it apart.
  • Notice our speakers are highly-respected experts in their fields.
  • Find the nontraditional schedule, with a unique balance of classroom learning and free time for networking, reflection, and activities, leads to better retention. You’ll head back to your credit union with many new ideas to implement.