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When it comes to detecting and preventing fraud, one thing is certain—change is the only constant. Fraudsters are constantly developing new and ever more sophisticated ways of scamming the system. That means if you want to prevent fraud loss at your credit union, your frontline employees have to keep up with the latest schemes. 

That’s where First Line of Defense, brought to you by the experts at TRC Interactive, comes in. 

Subscribe now, and each quarter you’ll receive a package of 10 to 12 online training scenarios. Each depicts examples of the latest fraud cases as reported by the FBI and Office of the Comptroller, so your frontline staff will always be learning about the latest ploys.  

How it Works 

In each scenario, your staff will virtually meet and interact with a member who is requesting a transaction. They can request the same documents they would see in a real life, including checks, driver’s licenses, and signature cards. 

What’s more, all the virtual documents can be flipped over and zoomed in on for closer examination. Training is customized to your credit union, so learners will see your routing number and MICR number on checks, and driver’s licenses, state IDs, checks and other documents will be from your state or surrounding states.

When the learner has made their assessment, they choose to either process the transaction, or deny it. If they deny it, they are asked to select the reason behind their decision. First Line of Defense then shows if the answer was correct or incorrect, and why.  

When the learner has completed all the lessons, a report is generated showing how much money their decisions would have saved or cost your institution. 

Don’t wait for the next fraud loss to hit your credit union! Contact us today for a demo. 


Number of Locations United States
1 $889
2 $909
3 $929
4 $949
5 $969
6 $988
7 $1,008
8 $1,028
9 $1,047
10 $1,067
11 $1,087
12 $1,106
13 $1,126
14 $1,146
15 $1,166
16+ Contact CUES for Pricing

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  • When you subscribe, your credit union will receive a new online edition each quarter.
  • Each edition contains 10 to 12 scenarios. 
  • You can have as many staff members take the course as you’d like. 
  • All feature simulated transaction screens which are from a banking system, offering a realistic look and feel.  
  • All lessons are developed based on new fraud schemes the FBI and Office of the Comptroller have identified. 
  • First Line of Defense shows the learner how much money they would have saved or lost your credit union based on the decisions they made in the fraud scenarios presented each quarter.
  • You determine how many times a staffer can attempt to pass each edition. If they exceed the limit, they have to request an admin reset, offering a great coaching opportunity.
  • Each lesson also includes Just In, a supplemental reading section that highlights some of the newest fraud schemes happening, further keeping your frontline employees up on the latest. 
  • Branch Activities, a supplemental learning tool sent to you each quarter, gives you the option to extend training in-person at your branches.

Administrator Training & Help

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