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CUES Employee Salary Survey makes your job easier by providing insight, statistics and customizable reporting tools to help you attract and retain well qualified professionals.

Benchmark your organization against others based on asset size, region, membership size and more. Our online reports include data on dozens of non-executive level positions, and our pre-existing compensation reports include:

  • Salary information
  • Side-by-side, year-to-year comparison reports
  • Graphing tools
  • Exclusive content explaining compensation trends, including data reports

Invest in your credit union’s success. Order 12-months of online access to the most reliable data the market has to offer today. Unlimited+ members receive the survey results as part of your membership benefits.

This survey covers non-executive positions. The positions covered include accountant, branch manager, business development specialist, controller, member services specialist, administrative assistant and more. You control what is included in your compensation reports by setting your own peer group. Our report filters allow you to choose the parameters that matter most to your credit union, including:

  • Asset
  • Region
  • State
  • Region
  • And many other options

CUES also offers the CUES Executive Compensation Survey, which covers 22 executive-level positions, including CEO, EVP, CFO, COO, chief lending officer, branch/member service executive and more.

Purchase a 12-month subscription now and access the most reliable salary data available. Attract and retain the best people to continue growing your credit union when you purchase today.
To purchase the survey:

  • CUES Unlimited+ Members–you receive the results as part of your membership benefits and do not need to make a separate purchase. Contact CUES to set up your report access. Call 866.508.0744 or email
  • Survey Participants– you receive a discount as a thank you for your participation. To purchase the survey reports at a discount, please call 866.508.0744 or email
  • All other purchasers– click the purchase button at the top left of this page to purchase at the list price.

Only one subscription purchase is necessary per credit union to receive access. If you are unsure if your credit union already has a subscription, please call 866.508.0744 or email

Run reports by choosing the “Run Reports” option to the left. After logging in to your account, choose “Run Reports” again to be taken to the report portal. Having trouble logging in? Call 866.508.0744 or email for help.
The reporting tools give you access to:

  • Base pay – including
    • Maximum and minimum pay ranges
    • Actual highest and lowest pay for current employees in each position
  • Bonus amounts
  • Total pay
  • CUES JobWrite™, which allows you to craft customized position descriptions based on job-related duties, qualifications, and responsibilities.

Powerful Data Helps Attract & Retain Talent

Competitive salaries are crucial to attracting and retaining high caliber staff, and CUES Employee Salary Survey takes the guesswork out of the compensation packages you offer. It makes it easy to find the sweet spot of salary administration, allowing you to attract talent while staying on budget.

By benchmarking your credit union against others, you can ensure the retention of well qualified professionals who will continue to grow your credit union and the movement, plus you’ll benefit from pertinent data to attract new hires.

Who participates in the surveys?

Each year between January and March, CUES requests participations from credit unions of all assets across the country. The mix of participants varies by year. Your participation is vital to maintaining a large, representative database of current compensation information. Not sure if you’ve participated? Contact us at or 800.252.2664 to find out.

  • 12-month access to online, dynamic reports – filter by region, asset, etc. to choose your own peer group
  • Access for multiple individuals – CUES will give access to as many individuals as needed; typically, HR and the CEO are granted access, but you determine which individuals should be allowed to run reports
  • Side by side comparisons with your data – if you participate during our participation period, you will see your compensation information alongside your filtered reports for easy comparisons. You can fill out the Executive Compensation Survey and Employee Salary Survey between January 1 and March 31 each year.

An Employee Salary Report shows compensation by percentiles, and it also includes a count of employees in that position and ranges of payment for the position.

CUES asks that you review our position descriptions and look for a 75% match between your position and ours. Titles can be deceiving, so review the full description to look for a match.

Interested in Purchasing at a Participant Price, Receiving a Demo, or Need Assistance?

Contact survey support by clicking the button below, calling 866.508.0744, or emailing CUES Surveys are not applicable to Canadian credit unions. Consultants, please email us to purchase. Consultant Price: $3,995.

Employee Salary Interest Form

Two Valuable Resources

CUES Employee Salary Survey is one of two resources CUES provides to support credit unions with their staffing needs. You may also like CUES Executive Compensation Survey, which provides detailed and up-to-date salary and benefits information on 17 executive-level credit union positions.

Together these resources offer such a comprehensive look at staffing for your credit union that we encourage you to purchase both and provide you a 20% discount for doing so. Call or email CUES for more information.

Access Executive Compensation Survey