The Dramatic Impacts of Document Tracking in Lending Automation

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Original Air Date:  Thursday, February 28, 2019

Presenter: Rick Hiles, Credit Union Industry Team Lead, Hyland

Description: The loan origination cycle is fraught with inefficiencies when it comes to collecting and processing documents. In today’s competitive market, credit unions must accelerate their lending processes and eliminate security risks like lost documentation and critical errors to attract and retain business from borrowers. This webinar will explore how document tracking can drastically improve and automate processing for credit union lending departments, ensuring compliance.  View a demo of a solution that proactively ensures credit unions have what they need to make decisions and fund loans while automating and maintaining proper documentation and remaining compliant.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understanding the document tracking process
  • Common inefficiencies in loan processing that can be addressed by a document tracking solution
  • Key components of a loan document tracking solution
  • How to ensure a credit union remains compliant
  • How to avoid regulatory hurdles
  • Ensure you are prepared for audits
  • How to easily comply with industry regulations
  • How to promote better member experience

About the Presenter:

Rick Hiles
Credit Union Industry Team Lead

Rick’s past six and a half years with the company includes various roles and responsibilities within marketing and sales supporting financial services, insurance and healthcare industries. Rick understands the intricacies of managing complex data in highly regulated environments and is dedicated to helping businesses—specifically financial institutions—simplify and automate their processes, achieving maximum efficiencies and compliance.

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