CUES Virtual Classroom: Differentiating Member Service with Coaching

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Tuesday,  March 16, 2021
Presenter: Liz Garster, VP/ Strategy & Client Services, TwoScore

If you've ever hired any kind of coach, you know they help their clients set and achieve goals, work through obstacles, and make major life shifts. As dedicated as credit unions are to helping members succeed financially, they're perfectly positioned to incorporate the elements of coaching into member service interactions. This session delves into how your credit union can differentiate its service experience through popular coaching techniques and rise above the competition!

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn more about how member service has evolved from transactional, to experiential, to now being relationship-driven (and how adding coaching techniques to your service can differentiate you from competitors). 
  • Learn popular coaching techniques to help members master the art of habit change with their finances. 
  • Leave with a framework for leading a financial coaching session and handouts.

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About the Presenter:

Liz GarsterLiz Garster
VP/ Strategy & Client Services

Liz joined TwoScore in 2016, bringing her 5+ years of marketing experience at a mid-sized credit union, seeing them through an extensive rebranding process, multiple mergers, and system conversions. She has been an active leader in the credit union space through participation in Crash the GAC, involvement with her local credit union chapter, and leading of several training presentations at industry conferences and events. Additionally, Liz has her MBA from Capital University and is both a Certified Financial Coach Certified Health Coach through the Health Coach Institute and a graduate of the Financial Coach Academy. Outside of credit union-land, you're likely to find Liz attending or teaching a yoga class, hiking the Cuyahoga Valley National Park with her husband and pup Kobe, or taking a certification to learn a new skill.

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