Virtual Classroom: Negotiation Strategies for Everyday Issues

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At the request of our members, this course is a live repeat presentation from our late March session.

Session 1: Understanding Your Negotiation Tendencies Previously held: April 23, 2020

Session 2: Strategies for a Successful Negotiation Previously held: April 30, 2020

Presenter: Allison Cooley, Founder and CEO, Effectability, LLC

Description: The ability to confidently and successfully negotiate is a critical foundational skill for anyone interested in building stronger relationships and moving things forward. During this session, we’ll identify some of the obstacles we encounter when we attempt to negotiate and share some strategies to help overcome these obstacles. This includes following a bargaining conversation framework that focuses on mutual benefit and making relationships stronger. We'll identify personal negotiation tendencies that can both help and hinder your negotiation success and discuss ways to adapt your style and leverage your personal power to improve the likelihood of success.   

Key Takeaways:

  • Understanding your personal strengths to leverage and opportunities to be stronger in a negotiation
  • Understanding your negotiating tendencies and adapting your style to the situation and the other party
  • Identifying and leveraging the power you have in a negotiation
  • Preparing for a negotiation conversation
  • Engaging in a high stakes negotiation/bargaining conversation

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Who Should Attend:  

Anyone who wants to overcome an obstacle, move something forward or advocate for something.

About the Presenter:

Allison Cooley
Founder and CEO
Effectability, LLC

As Founder and CEO of Effectability, LLC, Allison brings 25+ years of senior leadership, organization development, facilitation and business ownership experience to her coaching sessions, workshops, retreats and consulting engagements. Her enthusiastic, engaging style and deep knowledge of people and organization systems has inspired thousands of leaders and team members at hundreds of organizations to communicate more effectively, better manage change and conflict, build stronger relationships, create productive, resilient cultures and get things done.  

Allison holds a Certified Executive Coach designation from the Center for Executive Coaching, is a Board-Certified Coach (Center for Credentialing and Education), a Myers-Briggs practitioner (CAPT) and is DiSC certified (Wiley). She is also a certified trainer for Richardson, CPP, and Erickson & Company. She received her bachelor’s degree from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire and her master’s degree in Adult Education from the University of Minnesota.  

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