RealTalk Session 1: Proving My Worth

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RealTalk Session 1: Proving My Worth

Navigating the Intersection of Race and Gender


Jimese Harkley, CUES VP/Membership

Wednesday, July 19 | 12:00 p.m. Central Time
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Get set to be inspired by CUES’ own Jimese Harkley as she shares her experiences managing diversity along her career path and within her personal life. She will also discuss how she found confidence to be herself at work and home. 

Growing up, Jimese was often told, you must work twice as hard as everyone else or you’ll never get anywhere. In her professional career, she would hear you’re not ready for leadership or a promotion—words that prompted her to develop a mindset to take charge and forge a path forward.

Jimese will explore how these words resonated with her throughout her life as she delves into the intricate interplay of gender and race. You’ll learn about the unique challenges she has faced—and the opportunities for growth and representation she found along the way. You’ll hear about: 

  • Building a career—standing out and finding opportunities
  • Challenges those in the double diversity world face such as extreme perceptions and a higher competency threshold    
  • How race dynamics factor into it all 
  • Finding confidence along the way  



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