Virtual Classroom: The Power of the Pause

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Tuesday, August 8, 2023
Presenter: Tim Richardson, Professional Speaker, Total Development Resources, Inc.

Our workload, pace, and schedules are so fast and ever-changing, that some are losing it at work. Most of us simply haven't taken enough pauses in our work and personal life to keep positive momentum. Over the last few years, you and/or your team have likely experienced fear, fatigue, staffing challenges, low morale, and poor self-care. Regaining our sanity while rebuilding morale, teamwork, and a highly engaged staff is more critical than ever. This presentation will provide tools and strategies to bring your workplace back - back to do what you do best serving your customers, supporting each other, and operating at peak levels.

Key Takeaways:

  • Examine why we all need to pause more and discredit the faster is better mantra.

  • Provide actionable tools that help to keep you and your team thinking and acting clearly during times of crisis and uncertainty.

  • How to improve performance results, engage your team, and keep you and your co-workers stay on the cutting edge

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About the Presenter:

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Tim Richardson
Professional Speaker
Total Development Resources, Inc.