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Talent Development Solutions for Your Organization

Organizations that flourish even amid a rapidly changing environment often have two traits in common: A workforce that’s willing and able to learn new things, and a conscious, continued effort to develop staff. 

It’s important that your talent development efforts focus not only on the needs of today, but in developing the leaders of tomorrow—and that’s where CUES Consulting comes in. We can provide guidance and support across all areas of the organization, including:

Organizational Development 

Culture and Work Environment. Through an organizational climate assessment, we’ll assess your staffs’ perceptions of your working environment, providing data to create action plans in support of employee engagement and the organizational strategy.

Organizational Alignment. We can support the creation of an organizational vision, values and competency model providing direction for your key business drivers, guiding current and future development. 

Leadership Development 

Evaluate Leaders. We’ll support the development of leaders who are aligned to your organizational strategy by conducting a behavioral evaluation and creating a leadership competency model.

Team Building and Strengthening. Creation of customized team building sessions for the executive team or individual departments, designed to promote synergy and effectiveness, and build a foundation for a successful future.

Formal Training. Our highly-trained facilitators can provide virtual or on-site courses and programs, on a variety of topics, to meet the needs of your leaders.

Employee Development 

Build a Leadership Pipeline. Evaluate your current and high potential future leaders by exploring how current skills compare to those the organization needs for future growth, and offer paths to build capabilities for the future.

Focused Individual Development. Creation of individual development plans connecting career goals and aspirations to organizational competencies.

Your Talent Development Solutions

Want to take a deeper dive? We’ve compiled reflection questions to help you evaluate your current professional development plans.

  • Where do we have gaps in our leaders’ current capabilities and demonstrated behaviors to meet the needs of the organization? 
  • How well do we understand our current working environment and its impact on employee engagement, growth, change and innovation?
  • Where could we strengthen our talent development plan and initiatives to meet the needs of our strategy?
  • What actions are we taking to identify and develop leaders to help fill key roles in the future?

Contact us today and discover how CUES Consulting can help your organization thrive into the future!  

Looking For Facilitated Training?

You can see the Facilitated Workshops and Training Topics available through CUES Consulting when you download this document today. 

Questions? Simply reach out to Jennifer Stangl at 608.288.5308, or email In Canada, call 604.559.4455.

Jennifer Stangl
Director of Professional Development
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Mark Schwartz
Director of Human Resources
IDB-IIC Federal Credit Union
asset size — $500 million
CUES Consulting guidance in developing core competencies specific to our Credit Union will help us with the development of our employees by maintaining a focus on these key attributes. In addition, our Performance Goals have been revised so that these core competencies become a part of everyone’s performance plan and will become second nature to everyone within our Credit Union.

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