The Art and Science of Assessment: How Do You Know That Your Credit Union is Being Governed Well?

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Original Air Date:
Wednesday, August 7
1:00 p.m. Central Time

Presenter: Michael Daigneault, CCD, CEO and co- founder and CEO of Quantum Governance, L3C.

Description: The most important obligations of credit union leaders are to ensure that their credit union is being governed effectively, that they are meeting appropriate legal standards and balancing the fiscal responsibilities of both growth and mission success. 

An important tool to determine the governance effectiveness of your credit union is to conduct a regular assessment of the board and its committees, as well as the quality of the board’s relationship with the CEO and his/her management team. 

Hosted by Quantum Governance CEO Michael Daigneault, this seminar will thoughtfully review the numerous methods, tools and approaches that are available to your credit union to conduct governance and leadership assessments.

About the Presenter:

Michael Daigneault, CCD
Co- founder and CEO
Quantum Governance, L3C

Michael brings more than 30 years of training and experience as a consultant, motivational speaker and dynamic workshop facilitator.  With his colleagues and staff, Michael provides a full range of targeted training opportunities in the form of customized seminars, workshops, retreats and keynote speeches.  Michael regularly works with organizations of all types to improve the effectiveness of their governance and leadership.  He has worked with credit unions large and small to advance their governance and strategic efforts, strengthen their boards, and analyze their committee efforts.  More than 40 percent of Quantum Governance clients are credit unions. 

Michael is a nationally-recognized speaker, having presented at conferences including:  CUES, Board Source, The Conference Board, The Ethics Officers Association and Independent Sector, among others.  He is an expert on topics such as governance, ethics and strategic planning for credit unions, businesses, nonprofits, associations and governmental entities. He has published articles on these topics for a wide variety of trade journals and magazines, including:  CU Magazine, CU Update, Association Management, The Audit Report, BoardMember Magazine, Catalyst and Executive Update, to name a few.

Michael is a three-time graduate of Georgetown University, holding a B.A. from the College in Philosophy where he was the top graduate in Philosophy; a J.D. from the Law Center; and a Master’s degree in Law from the Law Center. He was the first person to graduate from the Law Center with a Master’s in Law with a concentration in Legal Ethics and Professional Responsibility.

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