CUES Virtual Classroom: Innovation for Credit Unions—a Practical Masterclass

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Wednesday, March 10, 2021
Presenter: Fred Kelly, Partner, OpFin Solutions

Whole industries are being upended by nimbler, customer-focused tech companies. Credit unions are not immune. In fact, credit unions are facing the greatest existential threat since Friedrich Wilhelm Raiffeisen and Hermann Schulze-Delitzsch pioneered the first true credit unions in Germany in the 1850s. The best way to face that threat is through innovation. The good news, is that innovation is open to anyone that chooses to adopt it. You just need a framework to get started. In this practical session you will learn all you need to kick-start innovation in your credit union.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn a simple four-step innovation process for credit unions that actually works 
  • Proven techniques to generate lots of ideas
  • How to create a framework for ranking ideas
  • Methodologies to quickly test your ideas at very low cost
  • How to get your CRO onboard by de-risking innovation
  • How to build an innovation culture in your credit union

For virtual education support, review these helpful steps and frequently asked questions.

About the Presenter:

Fred Kelly
OpFin Solutions

Fred is the former CEO of Conister Bank where he tripled revenue and lead the turnaround of the business. Fred is currently a partner in OpFin Solutions, a specialized advisory firm that works with credit unions with less than US$5 billion in assets. Fred is also a consultant and mentor at UDD Ventures, a Latin American start up accelerator. 

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