CUES Virtual Classroom: Third Party Data Breaches: Considerations When Planning Your Response

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Tuesday, September 29, 2020
Presenter: Christian Levis, Lowey Dannenberg P.C.

Data breaches present a unique challenge for credit unions, which are often among the most financially (and reputationally) impacted entities following cyberattacks on third-parties (e.g., retailers) that handle their customer's personal information. This session will discuss strategies for evaluating potential responses to a third-party data breach and how those options might affect a credit union's legal rights in light of recent court decisions.  

Key Takeaways:

This course will aim to provide attendees with a framework they can use to better evaluate the costs and benefits associated with various potential responses to a third-party data breach. Participants will also learn about potential sources of regulation governing data security and how those regulations are being applied in recent payment card data breach cases so they can better understand their legal rights.

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About the Presenter:

christian levis headshotChristian Levis
Lowey Dannenberg P.C.

Christian Levis is a partner at Lowey Dannenberg P.C., a law firm with offices in White Plains, New York, and West Conshohocken, Pennsylvania. 

An avid computer programmer with years of experience developing mobile applications, Mr. Levis heads Lowey Dannenberg’s data breach practice group, representing consumers and financial institutions across the country. Mr. Levis currently serves as court-appointed co-lead counsel in In re Wawa Data Sec. Litig., Case No. 19-cv-06019 (GEKP) (E.D. Pa.), where several credit unions are pursuing claims on behalf of financial institutions allegedly impacted by the breach of Wawa’s payment card system. Mr. Levis also serves as court-appointed co-lead counsel in In re Rutter’s Inc. Data Sec. Breach Litig., Case No. 20-cv-00382 (M.D. Pa.), another payment card data breach, where he represents a class of consumers allegedly affected by malware installed on Rutter’s payment card system. 

In addition to spearheading the firm's data breach practice, Mr. Levis has extensive experience handling complex class actions, including antitrust, commodities, and consumer protection cases. Mr. Levis has played an integral role in recovering hundreds of millions of dollars on behalf of class members.

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