Today’s credit union CEOs face challenges on many fronts—competitive threats, board governance, succession planning—just to name a few.   
CUES has the resources, tools, networking and development opportunities that you, your board and executive team need to lead your credit union into the future.

Recommended Events

CUES Symposium

Align the strategic vision of your top team through shared learning experiences. At this unique event, CEOs and board chairs must attend together, but will return home a stronger, more unified force. Learn More

CEO Institute I: Strategic Planning

Learn to turn challenges into change. Delve into strategic planning by embracing uncertainty, rather than ignoring it. Learn More

CEO Institute II: Organizational Effectiveness

Effective change management skills are needed for even the most thought-out plan. Reach beyond your area of expertise and include every level of executive management in your credit union. Learn More

CEO Institute III: Strategic Leadership Development

CEO Institute III represents the highest point in your professional leadership development. You’ll uncover the reasons why you lead the way you do, and learn new ways to become a more effective leader. Learn More

CUES Governance Leadership Institute

Strengthen your boardroom contributions as you learn to balance healthy debate and diversity, as well as execute your fiduciary responsibilities. Learn More

Strategic Innovation Institute

Learn to embrace innovation and become a successful agent of change. Graduates of this robust program are well equipped with an understanding of innovation that benefits their credit unions immediately. Learn More

CEO/Executive Team Network

This dynamic conference, designed for CEOs and senior executives, focuses on growth opportunities. You’ll examine strategy and leadership, participate in thought-provoking sessions on the latest industry trends, and enjoy unparalleled networking. Learn More

Strategic Growth Institute

Walk away knowing how to analyze, evaluate, and recommend specific actions to grow your credit union while avoiding common pitfalls. Learn More



As CEO your role comes with prestige and responsibility, but at times, also a sense of isolation. CUES CEO Networking Groups are meant to provide a sense of community and camaraderie through shared problem-solving and networking, with the goal of helping you conquer the challenges only other CEOs can understand. These exclusive, invitation-only groups are comprised of 6-8 CEOs from non-competing markets and are facilitated by esteemed business school faculty. Contact for more information.

CUES Consulting strengthens your leadership pipeline by providing direction and focus to support your staff’s growth. Identify and develop current and emerging leaders and high performers within your credit union. Learn More

Take an honest look at your board with this anonymous, online assessment tool. Evaluate board performance in key areas of governance and create a plan to improve. Learn More

Strengthen CEO performance with this unique, web-based CEO evaluation tool combining data provided by both the CEO and directors. Learn More

Improve board recruitment and focus training resources by evaluating individual and collective capabilities to pinpoint skill set gaps in five key areas. Learn More

Through strategic solutions, mergers and acquisitions, lending solutions, and delivery channel solutions, Cornerstone helps credit unions reduce costs, increase revenue and stay competitive. Learn More

LEO Cyber Security is the premier provider of cybersecurity consulting to credit unions specializing in growing security programs through leadership, cyber operations, incident response, and compliance. They will help your organization build and manage reliable security programs through creative solutions. Learn More

Every digital transformation journey needs a well-thought-out strategic plan that includes the input of key decision-makers and influencers. Think|Stack’s affordable cyber governance tool, Goma, can help you manage your digital transformation and easily communicate your progress to senior management, the board and auditors. Learn More

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