Press Releases

CUES Welcomes Hyland as CUESolutions Provider

MADISON, Wis.– CUES is pleased to welcome Hyland, a leading provider of software solutions to manage content, processes and cases, as a 2018 CUESolutions provider.

CUES® Recognizes Summer 2018 CEO Institute Graduates

MADISON, Wis.— CUES is pleased to recognize 59 credit union executives who recently completed all three years of its prestigious executive education program, CEO Institute.

Jimese Harkley Joins CUES® as Vice President of Membership

MADISON, Wis.—CUES is pleased to announce Jimese Harkley has joined the team as Vice President of Membership.

Apply Now for the Stan Hollen Scholarship to Attend Payments University, Developed by CUES and CO-OP Financial Services

MADISON, Wis.-- In honor of retired CO-OP Financial Services CEO Stan Hollen, CUES is offering two full-tuition scholarships to its Payments University, Developed by CUES and CO-OP Financial Services.

Nominate a Stand-Out Future Leader for the 2018 CUES® Next Top Credit Union Exec Challenge powered by Currency and in partnership with DDJ Myers

MADISON, Wis.—The industry’s first competition recognizing the incredible young leaders of the credit union movement is back for a ninth exciting year! The search is on for the 2018 CUES Next Top Credit Union Exec.