CUES Consulting Now Backed by TalentTelligent Certification

MADISON, Wis.— CUES is pleased to announce Jennifer Stangl, Director of Professional Development, recently earned the TalentTelligent KSA Certification, expanding the offerings and resources available through CUES Consulting

The certification opens the door to customized 360° evaluations and leader success profiles. Both are solidly backed by science-based tools, and infused with the latest insights in neuroscience based on how people function at work. 

“Credit unions will find the customizable and systemic talent management approach will help to fully and successfully develop their high potential employees, resulting in better outcomes,” said Stangl. “Not all talent development solutions are a one-size-fits-all, and 360s are a great representation of that. By choosing the customizable 360° solution we now offer, leaders will have access to feedback aligned to critical capabilities for their credit union to better support and strengthen talent development plans. This is a vastly superior approach when compared to cookie-cutter solutions.” 

The new certification as a recognized coach within the TeamTelligent system also allows for Stangl to conduct leadership success profiles which offer deep interpretations, resulting in meaningful feedback sessions.

“Credit unions can use leader success profiles to evaluate possible successors or high potential employees, offering guidance in focused individual development planning,” said Stangl. “A leadership success profile can also establish critical capabilities and behaviors for future leaders to understand success and support development efforts, helping them better navigate their careers as they grow within their credit unions.” 

In addition to leader success profiles and 360° surveys, CUES Consulting provides services to support organizational alignment, leadership development, team development, and career development. CUES Consulting also offers the CUES Strategic Leadership Development Program, customized internal training for a credit union’s high potential leaders. 

TalentTelligent is a talent management services provider with 50 years of research and well-established best practices backing their science and art focused tools and resources.  

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