CUES Executive Compensation Survey

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Participate annually between January 1 and March 31 to keep this survey's data strong and relevant. 

CUES Executive Compensation Survey makes your job easier by providing insight, statistics and customizable reporting tools to help you attract and retain well qualified professionals.

Benchmark your organization against others based on asset size, region, membership size and more. Our online reports include data on 17 executive level positions, and our pre-existing compensation reports include:

  • Salary and bonus information
  • Benefits data per position, including:
    • Insurance plan type and cost
    • Retirement plan type and company contribution
    • Perks eligibility (paid parking, club memberships, etc.)
    • Employment contract details (length, renewal, severance pay, etc.)
  • Side-by-side, year-to-year comparison reports
  • Graphing tools
  • Exclusive content explaining compensation trends, including data reports


Invest in your credit union’s success. Order 12-months of online access to the most reliable data the market has to offer today.

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*Survey participants and CUES Unlimited+ members must call in to purchase at reduced price.

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Two Valuable Resources

CUES Executive Compensation Survey is one of two resources CUES provides to support credit unions with their staffing needs. You may also like CUES Employee Salary Survey, which provides detailed and up-to-date salary information on dozens of non-executive credit union positions.

Together these resources offer such a comprehensive look at staffing for your credit union that we encourage you to purchase both and provide you a 20% discount for doing so. Call or email CUES for more information.

Access Employee Salary Survey