CUES Virtual Classroom Q&A: Final Excise Tax Regulations: What Credit Unions Should Know

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Wednesday, March 24, 2021
Presenter: Brooks Berardi, Executive Benefits Specialist, CUNA Mutual Group

In January 2021, the IRS issued final regulations on the 21% excise tax, levied against credit unions in 2018 based on the income of certain highly compensated employees. The final regulations mostly match the IRS’s previous compliance guidance, but credit union leaders should understand a few changes and clarifications in the final version.

Join us as we discuss the key points in the final regulations and how they impact your credit union.

Live Q&A Format:

This 30-minute session offers insight from a subject matter expert via a live Q&A with time available for questions from the live audience. 

Through this session, attendees will gather new perspectives and knowledge, challenging them to integrate these ideas into their own experiences and role. 

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About the Presenter:

Brooks Berardi
Executive Benefits Specialist
CUNA Mutual Group

Brooks specializes in the strategic program design, implementation, financing and administration of executive benefits programs, as well as funding solutions tailored to credit unions for employee benefits and charitable donations. He works with credit unions in the West Region and brings over 11 years experience in the
financial services industry to his role at CUNA Mutual Group.

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