Director Offerings


CUES provides top-class director offerings to help you realize your potential and support your credit union. In addition to CUES’ Center for Credit Union Board Excellence and other online director courses, our director events provide ways to help your board run at its optimum. Plus, CUES offers director-specific solutions that will help your board become stronger and more efficient.

CUES Events

CUES Symposium: A  CEO/Chairman Exchange

CEO and board chair teams converge for a meeting of the minds at this unique conference designed to align the strategic vision of your credit union’s top team through shared learning experiences. Your team will return home a stronger, more unified force.


This meeting’s unique schedule—bookending educational sessions around midday networking on the slopes—will leave you armed with the knowledge you need to take your organization’s performance to the next level.

Board Chair Development Seminar

The chairperson’s primary role is to maximize the value of the board while maintaining a delicate balance with effective governance. Attend, and gain the unique, advanced skill set you need to lead a high-performing board.

CUES Governance Leadership Institute(Toronto, Canada)

Strengthen your contributions to your credit union as you learn to balance healthy debate and diversity with consensus building at CUES Governance Leadership Institute.

Supervisory Committee Development Seminar

As a supervisory committee member, you need to be able to work with management, the board, and internal and external auditors. You also need to be knowledgeable about the different risks facing credit unions.

CUES Director Strategy Seminar

Credit union strategic planning requires concentrated consideration throughout the year, not just at an annual weekend retreat. Attend and learn to cultivate strategy year-round, and to develop market-driven plans with solid underlying value propositions.


Broaden your perspective, challenge yourself and try new things as our speakers guide you through powerful morning sessions, covering growth strategies, financial complexity, and innovation.


This event echoes CUES’ popular Execu/Net and Execu/Summit seminars, with intensive learning sessions in the mornings and afternoons left free to explore the area. Discover how to set robust strategy, the power of storytelling in innovative leadership, and ways to get to the heart of your strategy—understanding the power of vision.

CUES Director Development Seminar

Board members must efficiently fulfill their fiduciary responsibilities. Attend and advance your governance skills and maximize the traits you need to successfully reach your credit union’s goals. 

Directors Conference

This comprehensive event for credit union volunteers takes an in-depth look at the relevant governance and strategic issues affecting your board, credit union and the movement.

Strategic Growth Institute

This institute focuses on growth strategies through mergers, acquisitions, and alliances. Attendees learn directly from esteemed University of Chicago Booth School of Business faculty. Limited seating available for directors.


CUES Solutions

CUES eVote: Elect & Educate

CUES eVote is a convenient election and director education service all in one.  

Quantum Governance, L3C

Quantum Governance helps boards unravel their complicated roles and responsibilities, combine leading-edge governance with strategic thinking, and become an even greater asset to their credit unions.

Board Governance Assessment

Evaluates your overall board on key areas of governance, including mission, vision and purpose; board structure and composition; fiduciary oversight; and governance and leadership culture. Offered by Quantum Governance, L3C.

Director Skills Assessment

Evaluates individual and collective capabilities to pinpoint gaps in your board’s overall skill set in five key areas—governance culture, personal attributes, leadership skills, engagement, and knowledge centers—helping to improve recruitment focus. Offered by Quantum Governance, L3C.